Terms and Conditions

Site Preparation: The client is responsible for supporting all door thresholds by means of a concrete structural base. This base should incorporate best building practice in relation to damp-proofing and thermal insulation (typical cross sections is provided). Door bases must be completed either prior to installation or immediately afterwards. Failure to properly support door thresholds will affect your warranty and almost certainly result in damage to your door. Joinery: Timber is a natural material susceptible to swelling and staining. Once timber products are installed/delivered to site the client is responsible for taking measures to prevent such problems. Grady Joinery advises that all factory finished timber and composite products are treated with 2 coats of quality stain/paint annually. This will help reduce the amount of moisture that may be absorbed by timber. Grady Joinery will not accept any responsibility for timber movement (i.e. warping, swelling etc.) or any damage caused as a result of this movement. Glass: Owing to the high insulating property of the windows and glass, you may experience condensation on the outside of the glass. Certain climatic conditions and localised atmospheric conditions may result in external condensation on some windows but not on others. This is in no way indicative of a defective unit. Grady Joinery advises the purchaser to refer to GGF Condensation booklet. Toughened glass is used as standard where there is a safety glass requirement, and on oversized panes. Toughened glass may show visual distortions which are accentuated by reflections in sealed units. This is a natural phenomenon and not a fault. Toughened glass is an excellent product, in general it may shiver and its surface is more susceptible to abrasion than non-toughened glass. Grady Joinery advises the purchaser to refer to GGF Quality of Vision booklet. Visual Quality: Our toughened glass and insulated units are designed and manufactured in accordance with European Standards EN12150 and EN1279 respectively. Grady Joinery does not cover spontaneous or accidental breakage of any glass. Grady joinery does not cover scratched glass. Flooring: Timber flooring should not be fitted within 1 meter of an inward opening door. Back up Service: Grady Joinery offers an excellent back up service that is very competitively priced. For more information on this service, please contact our office. Warranty: All products supplied under this contract are covered by a comprehensive 12 months warranty, effective from the date of installation. In the event of a fault appearing which is proved to be due to poor workmanship in the course of manufacture or installation, the defective item will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Grady Joinery will not accept any liability for any consequential loss incurred. There is a subsequent nine year parts only warranty on P.V.C frames against discoloration (excluding weathering) and cracking, and against moisture build up inside glazed units. The purchaser accepts that call out and labour charges apply after the first 12 months from the date of installation. On-site warranty is only available for products installed by Grady Joinery. Elimination of condensation is not guaranteed, as this is dependent on environmental conditions/humidity within the building. This Warranty is subject to the Contract price being paid in full accordance with the terms of the contract.