From manufacturing the first timber doors, Grady joinery has progressed with technology to offer the best doors achievable with modern materials.

We understand how important the process of creating your dream home is for every one of our customers.

Choosing the right door for each part of your house is more than simply entering or exiting a house. The right door is a statement of the strength and character of your home.

At Grady Joinery, our production facilities
have the ability to produce doors up to
the most complex of designs.

Entrance Doors

Our timber frame and composite door sash is the most popular front door. Strong and secure, our range of front doors offer designs to suit both contemporary and traditional builds. Available in a wide choice of colours, with optional dual-tone finishes. Accessories such as door knocker and knob available upon request. Your front door is a particular personal choice in terms of style and colour. Select from the traditional style to the modern favourites.

Exit Doors

These doors are single uPVC doors. The back of the house is as important as the front, see our choice of back doors or you may prefer the entrance door design. Functional and secure, we custom design each door to suit its location. Whether your concerns are for privacy, light, or protection against the weather, we aim to install a robust and thermally performing door that will meet your needs for years to come.

Sliding Doors

This aluminium version is a Lift and Slide door. It can be located in any part of the house and is an elegant exit to the patio or garden. If you wish to take advantage of your outdoor space and create an impression of more light and air in your home, our sliding doors are the perfect solution. With a sleek contemporary design and insulated frame, they take up minimal space and feature an easy to use operating system. With no requirement for a swing area, they are a great alternative to traditional patio doors.

French Doors

These double doors can be on any elevation. They let in additional light when closed or open out when required. Whether you need simple access or a more elaborate feature, we will design a door solution to meet your needs. High performance in double glazed or tripled glazed options, and fitted with multipoint locking systems. Grady Joinery manufactures these double doors in uPVC.

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